Nyamphande: The Way Forward

Friday, 25 April 2014 07:47 Nyamphande

In loving memory of Nyamphande Board Chairman Mr. Alex Malama who sadly passed away on 3rd April 2014 and was put to rest on 7th April 2014.




The last meeting that the late board chairman held with the community brought so much positive energy to both the community and others who attended it. Even as he lay in his bed in his last hour, Mr. Malama still showed concern regarding his philanthropic work at Nyamphande. He turned to the visiting Nyamphande acting head teacher Mr. Phiri and asked him if he had put all that had been agreed upon in place at their last meeting.  Prior to his death, Nyamphande held a Community meeting on 1st March 2014, the theme of the meeting was “THE WAY FORWARD”. Nyamphande has been looking to innovative ways of working and a new road Map has been drawn between the community, the founding President, Nyamphande staff and board.

Henry .L. Sapp

The founding President also called to observe a moment of silence for the late Henry. L. Sapp who was one of those people that laid the first foundation stone. In his remembrance a portrait of him was hang in the hall.

The community meeting was well attended by members of the community, traditional leader in the form of Nyamphande senior head woman, other head men from surrounding villages, volunteers, staff members, Rufunsa district councilor -Emmanuel Tembo, the former PTA Chairman Mr. Lungu, the new director for Chikondi foundation who is also the director for Nyamphande, board members and board chair Mr. Alex Malama and the founding president Bishop John .H. Mambo.

The late Alex Malama  Prior to his death on 1st March 2014 where he held several meetings with different community groups.

High on the agenda was the completion of the infrastructure at Nyamphande. Runfusa district councilor Mr. Emmanuel Tembo also offered assistance by pointing out that the community could access the community development fund (CDF) but had to prove it by putting in effort and work to a certain level before they could qualify for the CDF grant.  The community responded overwhelmingly and committed to meeting the conditions as completion of the school which will would be for the benefit of their children. Most community members had children who were not in school due to the high cost incurred at secondary schools. For the work to go on and to further show commitment, members of the community and board members pledged donations in the form of food for those who will be participating in the building program aimed at molding bricks for the infrastructure. Head woman Nyamphande also emphasized the need for team work and to stay focused on the vision for plans to be followed and to be achieved. Among the list of things that where high on the road map where the income generating projects which would lead to Nyamphande being self-sustaining.

These included:-

  1. Completion of the high school which includes completion of classrooms, ablution blocks for  both boys and girls, building of  science laboratories, building of a library for school and community
  2. Building of houses for  teachers which will attract the posting by Government of Government qualified school teachers
  3. Building of houses for  clinic staff
  4. Expansion of the clinic in line with the growing population
  5. Accommodation for orphaned children
  6. Building of carpentry and tailoring workshops for both students and the community.

Income generating ventures will also be top on the agenda and the vision is that once these ventures are implemented, they will serve the disadvantaged in the community through educating the orphaned and vulnerable and not only in our community but other catchment areas as well. Nyamphande has over the years straggled with payments for bright but vulnerable children at higher levels of education and the core of our belief is that no child should be denied education as all children have the right to education.The income generation ventures will facilitate for self-sustenance as our new guiding principle emphasized by the founding president is,“LEARN FROM THE PAST, OBEY THE PRESENT, SHAPE THE FUTURE”

Wakumelo Simata, Graften Chiz and Rabeson Tembo

We would also like to appeal for help towards the payment of accommodation for our 3 students at teacher training college so as to help them complete their education. These students intend to ‘give back’ to Nyamphande by teaching at Nyamphande once they qualify as government school teachers.

Rabeson Tembo,Graften Chiz, acting director, Wakumelo Simata and the acting heard Mr. Phiri